HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printhead Replacement

HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printhead Replacement

HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printhead Replacement
  • The printhead in the HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer cannot be replaced. If you face an issue with the printhead, then clean it using an automated tool. To do that, follow the instructions as given below.
  • Make sure to switch on your HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer.
  • Swipe down the screen on the printer display and go to Setup.
  • Touch the Printer Maintenance option in the Setup menu.
  • Tap on the Clean Printhead option and press the Continue button to confirm the action. Once the print head is cleaned, the printer prints a test page.
  • Check the test page and if the print quality is poor or unacceptable, then perform the cleaning operation for one more time. If the issue continues, then contact the manufacturer for printer replacement.

Printhead Problem HP 6978

  • Whenever an issue occurs in the printer, it is notified to you immediately on the printers touch screen. It displays an error code indicating the specific issue. To resolve the printhead issue, perform the troubleshooting steps discussed below.
  • Make sure to use genuine HP ink cartridges. If you use the ink cartridge that is not compatible with your printer, then there is a chance for this error to occur.
  • Try to clean the ink cartridge contacts of your printer and vents. Get a lint-free cloth, distilled or bottled water, and a clean cotton swab to clean the cartridge.
  • Dip the lint-cloth into the distilled water and wipe on the ink cartridges contacts and the vents.
  • Clean the ink cartridges carefully. After cleaning the cartridges, leave it to dry for a few minutes.
  • Reinsert the cartridges back into their slots and check if the error has been fixed.
  • If the error persists, then check if the firmware software is up-to-date. You can update the latest version of the printer driver from the official page of the printer.
  • Update the HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer software and then check if the error continues.
  • If the error continues, then reset the printer completely. To reset the printer, follow the procedures given below.
  • Check if your printer is turned ON. If not, then turn it ON.
  • Disconnect the power cables from the printer while it is still powered ON.
  • Leave the printer disconnected for a maximum of 60 seconds.
  • After a while, reconnect the power cables and check if the error is resolved.

HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printhead Problem 0xc19a0023

  • To fix the HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer printhead issue (0xc19a0023), perform the troubleshooting method discussed below.
  • Remove the ink cartridge out of the printer, clean it, and reinsert it to the printer.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door of the HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer.
  • Wait for the ink cartridges to move to the access area.
  • Tap on the top of the ink cartridge to release it from its slot and then remove it.
  • Make sure to remove the orange tape from the ink cartridge if found.
  • Now, close the opened ink cartridge access door and check if the error continues.
  • If Ink System Failure message appears on the printer screen, then update the firmware.
  • Similarly, if Replace the Ink Cartridge message appears, then clean the cartridges as per the guided instructions.
  • Make sure to clean the ink cartridges using a lint-free cloth.
  • If you wish to replace the ink cartridges, then make sure to get the new one from the official site or the trusted retail store.
  • If the error continues even after performing all the troubleshooting methods discussed above, then finally try servicing the printer.
  • To service the printer, go to the manufacturer site to schedule a product repair or replacement.

How Do You Clean The Printhead On HP 6978

To clean the HP Officejet Pro 6978 Printhead, follow the procedures given below.

  • The first step is to take the ink cartridge out of the printer.
  • Reach the cartridge access area and take the ink cartridges out of it.
  • While replacing the cartridge, place one at a time to identify a defective one. Gather the components such as clean lint-free cloth, dry cotton swab — distilled water to clean the printhead.
  • If the ink cartridge has a clogged vent, then use a pin to clean it.
  • Now, dip the clean lint-free cloth into the distilled water.
  • Wipe the cartridge using the cloth. Make sure not to touch the copper-colored part of the ink nozzles while cleaning.
  • Clean the accumulated ink on the ink cartridge.
  • Repeat the same step for cleaning the other one.
  • After cleaning the cartridges, leave it to dry for a few minutes.
  • As discussed above, place one cartridge into the printer.
  • If the error message does not display on the printer screen, then the issue is with the other one.
  • You can replace the defective cartridge with the new one. Reinsert the ink cartridges into the slot and close the opened cartridge access door.

Can't Align Printhead HP 6978

In most of the cases, the alignment issue occurs while performing scan or print operations. The issue is indicated through an error message. As soon as an error occurs with the printhead, the error message is displayed on the printer screen.

Perform the troubleshooting methods discussed below to fix the printhead alignment issue.

  • Make sure to use clean paper to perform the print operation.
  • If the paper is dirty or damaged, then the paper may be stuck inside the printer leading to the paper jam issue.
  • Check if your ink cartridges are genuine.
  • Print a test page to check the printer alignment.
  • If the alignment pages are faded, streaked, or smeared, then check the estimated ink levels of the cartridge. If the cartridges are empty or low, then replace or refill it.
  • You can check the estimated ink from the printer software.
  • Open the HP Smart app on your computer. If you have connected your HP printer with the system, then the estimated ink level will be displayed on the screen as soon as you open the app.


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